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    Building your brand word by word
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    Creative content for the English world
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    Marketing & Communication - Expanding your business

What We Do

Marketing & communication services to help build your brand and expand your business.
We can assess your current strengths and weaknesses, create a strategy for brand recognition and lead generation, and plan marketing actions to ensure your market positioning.


Writing in all its forms: copywriting, technical writing, creative writing, sales copy, and more!
We craft the words to fit your culture, explain your promise and engage your target.


Our specialty is in the information technology sector, though we do have experience in a wide range of industries and are happy to branch out.


We specialize in helping French and international companies market in English to the English world. We also work with English-speaking companies… that market in English to the English world.  🙂



Failing to plan is planning to fail. Plan your marketing to better hit your business targets.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Know what to do, when, and how. Align your marketing with your sales and business strategy for optimal results.

  • Competitive analysis

    Know who you’re up against and position yourself strategically. Includes marketing audit and SWOT analysis.

  • Product launches

    A product launch is a market opportunity – and a horrible thing to waste! Plan ahead and create the buzz it deserves.


Brands are built word by word. Stand out from the crowd with brilliant English content.

  • Content Creation

    Written marketing content: blog posts, white papers, landing pages, newsletters, brochures, case studies, etc.

  • Web site Content

    Your web site should be engaging, informative and to the point. I can help you cut the crust. Or, bake the bread.

  • Content Optimization

    Get your messages right and get your English right, because a French accent is charming when heard, not read.


Connection is key. Reach out and touch those who are waiting for a product just like yours.

  • Inbound Marketing

    Connect with your prospects. Provide them with content they want: written, visual, campaigns, or apps.

  • Marketing Processes

    Manage your customers and your campaigns over time with multiple milestones over multiple channels.

  • Social Networking

    You don’t need to be everywhere, but you do need to be active on the social sites that best fit your community.

This is just an overview of the ways we can help you plan your marketing, create remarkable content and connect with your target audience. If you have a project with which you need help, whether short or long term, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

Pet Peeves*

  •  Event management – but I have friends who love this sort of work!
  • Translation – to which I succumb occasionally.
  • Prepositions, in any language. Alas, they are necessary.

*Pet Peeves
noun: pet peeve; plural noun: pet peeves

Definition: something that a particular person finds especially annoying.

You Are

  • A Marketing Team

    Sometimes, we all need a fresh look on things. Or an external perspective that’s free of a company’s historicity and that, in its “way of doing things”, might hinder growth. I can help with questions of marketing strategy, product launches and brand management, or can step in on specific campaigns.

  • A Small Company

    All companies need some amount of marketing, but not all companies can afford a full-time marketing professional. If you are in need of a mini-marketing team, I can help you elaborate your marketing strategy, set up a calendar of effective campaigns and create some marketing material to support your sales team.

  • A PR or Marketing Company

    Now and again, all your clients need something done all at the same time. Tis life in an agency. I can help you handle your bottlenecks. Send me your briefs and I’ll help you with press releases, blog posts, social media updates, sales presentations, brochures and web site copy. IT companies and Start-ups are my forte.

Our Team

Julie – Founder & Fireball

I have over 15 years of international (North America & Europe) marketing experience, mainly in the IT industry. My talents are in marketing strategy, product launches, media messaging & content marketing, and creative campaigns.

I also love to write. I am a strong believer in digital, inbound and social marketing, and can create multi-outlet marketing process hierarchies. In other words, I can help mesh together all the activities of a campaign, because that’s how my brain works.

I always work with a target audience in mind, and I always work towards an objective. I believe in beauty, humor and creativity. I also believe in accountability and getting a job done right. My customers and past colleagues have appreciated both the creativity and rigor I bring to my projects.

I am a digital nomad. That means I travel most of the time, work with people in various time zones and mainly communicate by email and other online tools. Living outside of the box allows me to think outside the box, and to bring the best of me to every project.

Julie’s Network of Uber Talented Creatives

I have had the chance to work with some very talented people in France, England, Canada and the US, and I am always happy for a new chance to work with them! Depending on your project, I can compliment any creative needs with trustworthy professionals:

  • Designers & Artistic Directors
  • Public Relations
  • Web Designers & Integrators
  • Photographers



Paris-based IT consultancy that specializes in disruptive technology.

Projects Corporate brochure, solution brochures and case studies. Technical writing.


Leading European online company directory.

Projects A leave-behind brochure to assist the sales team.

Teach on Mars

Leader in mobile learning solutions for business training needs.

Projects Optimizing the English of product sheets and a mobile app demo, and assisting with RFIs in English.

Alberon Partners

A continuing education consultancy and coaching company that specializes in blended learning.

Projects Web site audit, educational writing, copywriting.

White Label

White Label

Projects I white label, so some of my customers wish to remain confidential. I respect that.


  • Julie is a great person to work with, well organised and very focused. Her experience in IT marketing is very wide and she knows what to do to translate complex technical messages into customer effective messaging. I hope I will have the chance to be working with her again soon!

    Nicolas (Nick) Barcet

    Senior Director of OpenStack Product Management - Red Hat

  • Julie is a natural when it comes to working across different communication channels and platforms. You could talk about a f2f tactic, a customer testimonial, a pop-up ad online or a corporate announcement - and more! - and she understood the rationale for each and how to measure its effectiveness. She always encouraged us to look beyond the obvious and seek out new opportunities to grow awareness.

    Chris Klopper

    CEO & Founder - Mulberry Marketing Communications

  • Julie continues to be the benchmark I use whenever I describe an ideal project coordinator. She's efficient, pro-active, and insightful with an extremely high level of accountability. She is always collaborative yet not afraid to challenge the team. She excels at putting herself in the shoes of the client, ensuring projects are completely thought out and bulletproof before leaving the office.

    Michael Schmidt

    Partner at FORMAT Montreal Inc

Contact me

Julius Communication has its HQ in Paris but I travel the globe, mainly between Europe, North America and the Caribbean. Like all digital nomads, as long as I have a good internet connection, I can work!

If you need help with a marketing or copywriting project, or if you are a fellow creative or digital nomad and wish to see if we have complementary skills, drop me a line!


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