Interview with Julie Boulanger B2B Marketing Professional, Digital Nomad & Founder of Julius Communication

Julie Boulanger

Why did you start Julius Communication?

I decided to be my own boss mainly because I wish to work with more businesses, in more industries, and in more countries. It seemed like the obvious next step in my career.

What’s different about Julius Communication from other marketing & communication agencies?

My objective is to help French companies market and communicate in a way that is relevant, remarkable and grammatically correct in English to the business world outside of France.

France has a strong engineering culture. They make some really good IT products. Unfortunately, they are not good at marketing. Some people admit this and try to be more “anglo-saxon” in their approach. Others believe that a good product will sell no matter what. These are the French companies that never make it out of France, if they don’t go under.

As I’m bilingual English/French, I’m in a good position to know about the errors that the French commonly make, to understand why they make them, and to help them change their approach.

Of course, I am happy to take on other clients from other countries too! 😊

Why did you become a digital nomad?

That just… happened. I always knew that I wanted to travel and live in different countries for several years at a time. I’m from Montreal (Canada) and have been lucky to live & work in London and Paris. My husband, on the other hand, is a bit more sedentary, but he loves to sail! I figured that if I ever really wanted him to travel, it would have to be by sailboat. So I learned to sail.

We left the south of France in last September. We sailed down the Spanish coast, down to the Canary Islands and then Cape Verde. We crossed the Atlantic in January and landed in Barbados after being at sea for 18 days. We sailed up the Caribbean arch to the Dominican Republic, where we now are.

We kept a blog of our travels, if you’re interested.

What has been the biggest struggle being a nomad worker?

Internet connection! As soon as we landed somewhere, the captain – my husband – would go to land to do the necessary paper work and look for the local provider that didn’t impose a yearly plan. We both have dual SIM-card phones. I knew I would be working during the trip, so it was important for me to have the best possible connection. I didn’t want to rely on the wifi in ports, which can often be sketchy.

Surprisingly enough, the best connection and easiest set up was in Cape Verde! Being an African country, there are less restrictive regulations there.

Who is your role model?

I have many! My top 4 big name role models are all super successful in different domains that interest me. They are:

Business – Richard Branson, because he’s so fearless and successful.
Media – Oprah Winfrey, because of where she comes from and what she’s made of her life.
Writing – Elizabeth Gilbert, because I admire her writing career.
Coaching – Jen Sincero, because she’s a badass.

That said, so many people in my life have been role models. Some for little things, some for big. Generally, I admire people who are free spirits, entrepreneurs, and have profound emotional intelligence (or wisdom, as they used to call it).

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I hate this question! And it always comes up in job interviews! To be honest, I don’t have a set 5-year plan, and I don’t really believe in them. I have some general idea of where I want to be professionally, emotionally and financially, but nothing is planned out.

If you look at my career, I have rarely stayed in a job more than 2 years. This used to bother me. I wanted to stay in a position longer and experience that sort of growth you feel when you’re with a company for a while, but circumstances always got in the way, be they job offers in another country that I couldn’t refuse or Visa problems that put me out of work!

Now I realize that this pattern is symptomatic of my working style. I like new places and working with new teams. I like acquiring new skills and learning about new sectors. I think my being a freelance consultant was written in the stars.

What I do know, and can tell, is that I want Julius Communication to grow, I want to write more (I’m currently working on a novel) and I’m interested in coaching. We’ll see where all that leads me! 😊

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